Buy essential oils with 25% off


Get better prices on all wellness products

By buying the oils directly through doTERRA, you can get them at the same price that I buy them for, which is 25% cheaper than what you would buy them for in the trade or in my webshop.

In this case, I will help you start your own account at doTERRA, if you have questions please contact me on or 0702278808.

You can also do it yourself by following the points below:

      1. Click on this link
      2. Click Join and save in the top right
      3. Click Connect to doTERRA at the bottom right of the page
      4. Choose Europe, Sweden & Swedish
      5. Select Wholesale customer to get the same generous discounts that I have
      6. Enter your personal information
      7. By Enlistid , enter Veronica's number (5349822)
      8. Click Check ID (See You See Veronica Henryson Stavby Here)
      9. Create your own password
      10. Click through to the next page
      11. Choose your kit from doTerras all start kits:

        If you choose to start with a kit, the €20 welcome package is woven in. If you'd rather start with a few oils instead of a whole kit, you can start writing the first letters in the name of the oil, then the system searches for the right oil. Keep in mind that you then need to hang up the welcome package that costs 20 Euros in order to continue.

      12. Enter your card number.
      13. Once your payment has been passed, you will be asked if you want to set up your first LRP Order Loyalty Rewards Program? The question you get is: "Are you ready to start earning free product points by setting up a monthly order?" This is completely voluntary (absolutely no coercion) but if you are interested in the business opportunity then the LRP is a prerequisite to make money. If you are only interested in the oils and being a customer, LRPn is a generous bonus system where you can collect points that you can redeem into free oils and products.

What happens after I have ordered the oils ??

First of all, warm welcome! Looking forward to helping you get started with the oils, once your order has gone through, I will send you a confirmation email with your ID number and instructions on how you can access your doTERRA account. I will send you a welcome email with lots of information on how you can get started, where you can get help and learn more about the oils.

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